What Is A Professional Electric Vegetable Cutter For Commercial Use?

- Jul 06, 2018-

The professional electric vegetable cutter  is an electronic equipment with a large working bowl, stainless steel blades, one-touch power control and powerful motor. Some people also call it vegetable shopper. Because people can use the it to chop, mince, slice and cube vegetables, fruits and cheese. People use it for vegetable will get the best effect.


Our vegetable cutter is fitted with powerful electric motors that assure you of high performance at all times . As a efficient vegetable cutter, if you want to cut a cucumber  with normal length in to slice, you just need about 10 seconds! If you want to cut a potatoes with diameter 10~20cm in to filaments, you just need about 5 seconds!


The vegetable cutter has a large working bowl with a higher capacity. Feature with different stainless steel blades for different purposes. It can chop, mince, slice and cube vegetables, fruits, and cheese.


It have some safe designs. For example, when you change the blade, you can open here, after replacement, you can hold the cover tightly. The blade will not fly out. Both the plate for placing the blade and the blades are 304 stainless steel, which is safe for food and not easy to be rust.


A professional electric vegetable cutter can help you prepare food more easily! If you want to know more, please contact us.