Vertical Gas Temperature-Controlled Fryer

- Apr 09, 2019-


The fryer is absorbing advantages of similar products at home and abroad design is made with novel style,reasonable structure,convenient operation.


Its power design strong,make the cold oil quickly to working condition,fast return to warm, funny, high yield. The cold deep fryer with oil,food residue is hard to form carbon,both to extend the service life to oil,but also deep-fried items to ensure bright colors.QQ图片20190409164102800

It has a temperature control and limit temperature control and a limit temperature control, temperature control to 190°C ,for regulating the frying temperature, limit temperature,limit temperature is 230°C,can automatically cut off power supply,play over-temperature protection effect.JACKED800

This fryer heating pipe can flips up for easy cleaning heating pipes and tanks. The fryer with timer alarm, from 1 mintue yo 99 mintues adjustable, according to the time required to set up fried foods, when to set the time when the alarm warning.