Waffle Maker

- Dec 25, 2018-



1.This product is safe before grounding.
2. Clean and shall not use the spray tube cleaning.

Ⅰ.Technical Parameters


Ⅱ.Operating Procedure

Thermostat before in products to control the heating temperature of heating plate, from the need to ensure that the use of temperature.


Switch on the power, turn the power switch, switch power indicator light, clockwise rotation thermostat, the temperature required for targeting the required temperature location, heat indicator lights orange at this time, this time has been available to the current furnace, heating began heating, when the temperature reached the required temperature, the thermostat will automatically cut off power supply, while the orange light goes out, heating the pipe to stop heating.


When the temperature decreased slightly, temperature control with the ability to automatically power on, the orange indicator light, heating tube heating, temperature rise, and so repeatedly cycle in order to ensure the withdrawal degrees in the range of set constant. If necessary, adjust the temperature to the desired temperature scale, making waffles can be good results.

Ⅲ.Electrical Schematic


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