Use Commercial Ice Popsicle Machine To Customize Your Own Ice Popsicle

- Jul 20, 2018-


An ice popsicle is a water-based frozen snack. It is made by freezing flavored liquid (such as fruit juice) around a stick, generally resembling a tongue depressor. Often, the juice is coloured artificially. Once the liquid freezes solid, the stick can be used as a handle to hold the ice popsicle.

As the development of making ice popsicle, people have more and more innovations in making ice popsicles. Such as making freezing flavored liquid with milk, or add some fruit in it. If you are doing large batches of ice popsicle, a semi-automated Commercial Ice Popsicle Machine can help you to do this.


There are many production of the Commercial Ice Popsicle Machines can be chosen, just need to according to your need. The smallest model is one mold Ice Popsicle Machine. You can put one mold in the it in one time. It can produce 3000 pcs/day. Each mold has 32~40 pcs, you can make 32~40 different flavour but in the same shape. Of crouse, you also can choose 2 molds, 4 molds, 6 molds, 8 molds, 10 molds, 12 molds or 18 molds.

There are many mold shapes can be chosen. Most common and most popular shapes are follow 3 models.


Recently, Gadali launching some new models of commercial Ice Popsicle Machine to meet the needs of different people. Such as follow models, capacity is 130 pcs/time, 5760 pcs/day. It is more exquisite and good looking.


If you want to improve commercial ice popsicle machine productivity, and meke ice popsicle outside, follow new models is the best choice. Rotary Ice Popsicle Machine, can produce 50 pcs in one time. Each time just need 5 minutes! It also is more exquisite and good looking, it has 4 castors which can help you move it easily.


Another new model is a cart both with 26 PCS Ice Popsicle Machine and fried ice cream machine. You can push it to everywhere and make ice popsicle or fried ice cream everytime for sales as long  as the plece has power.


Which model of ice popsicle machine do you prefer? Which shape of ice popsicle mold do you prefer? Welcome to discuss with us. You opinion will help us to design and produce more better commercial ice popsicle machine. Thank you.