Use A Sausage Stuffer To Produce A Large Batches Of Sausage

- Jul 10, 2018-

Nowadays,  sausages are more and more popular as the food. Put the ground meat into the sausage casing, close the casing, then the sausage is finish making. Smart people can making many sausages with different tastes, so it is more and more attractive and delicious. Besides, it is small enouth to be carried easily, and it can store a longer period of time than the fresh meat, so it is one of the most populuar food.


If you want to make lots of sausage, you need some tools to help you. Such as the meat mincer. Once you have seasoned your ground meat, you are ready to stuff the into the sausage casings. You can use your meat grinder with stuffing tubes to stuff your sausages, but a sausage stuffer is easier to control the capacity of the meat.

People who just starting out making their own sausage or who will only be making smaller batches, can choose the manual sausage stuffers, which is cheaper than Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer. Capacities of its cylinder range is 3~7 liter. After cleaning the manual sausage stuffers, put all parts back to orginal position and lock it well . load meat into cylinder, put it in place, then put the casing on nozzle with suitable size. Put the handcrank on slow gear system and rotate it in clockwise to bring down plunger. Then meat will come out from nozzle to the casing. Tie the sausages up.


if you are doing large batches of sausage, you can choose the Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer. Its power source is electric, the efficiency is higher. The Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer adopts the hydraulic pump station as the power source to push the hydraulic cylinder to work, then let the ground meat stuff into the sausage casings. Capacities of its cylinder range is 15~35 liter.


Of crouse, you can customize the cylinder capacity of the manual sausage stuffers and the hydraulic sausage stuffer as your need if you product large batches of sausage stuffer. Smart people always design and invent more and more new machines to improve their work efficiency.