Time-saving And Efficient Chocolate Machine

- Mar 05, 2019-


Chocolate machine according to the temperature regulation, melting and processing of chocolate. Made of fully brushed stainless steel, it is fully compliant with food hygiene requirements.


 With superior sensors, the electrical control is sensitive, the insulation efficiency is good, and the chocolate temperature is the same. It is the best choice for you to produce high-grade handmade chocolate.




Maximum amount: 5-15kg/h
Voltage: 220V
N.W: 28kg
Dimensions: 440* 510 * 480mm
Packing size:660* 590 * 590mm

ZQR-JZJ08 thermostatic pouring machine is compact and easy to place, with humanized design.ZQR-YMTC08 machines have been developed with a combination of a large number of professional chocolate manufacturers and pastry chefs.


They are suitable for dessert shops, chocolate shops, ice cream parlours, hotels, coffee shops, small mobile lines that are easy to move, and melted chocolate to easily paint ideally. Baked goods.

Chocolate coating and schematic.
1 melting machine 2 coating machine 3 fan 4 mobile table
5 electrical control box 6 conveyor


The ZQR-YMTC08 machine is matched with a coated belt with a drive, which is composed of a variable speed fan, a baking lamp, a metal mesh belt vibrating machine and a food conveyor belt. The mobile stainless steel table can work anywhere.