The Oven Saves Electricity

- Apr 04, 2018-

1. The oven must be reasonable design in terms of power, the power to do small production efficiency is low, the power to do big oven burning is serious, the use and the oven when the choose and buy, be sure to choose professional manufacturers.

2. Set different gears according to the different temperature of oven products.

3. Different heating units are opened at different temperatures; To achieve the effect of saving electricity;

4. Develop good operating habits. The oven must turn off the main switch when it is not working.

An oven is a sealed electrical appliance used for baking food or drying products, divided into household appliances and industrial ovens. Household ovens can be used to process some pasta. Industrial ovens, a kind of equipment used for drying products in industry, such as electricity, gas, oven, drying oven, etc.

The electric oven is the electric heating appliance that USES the radiant heat from the electric heating element to bake the food, using it we can make roast chicken, roast duck, bake bread, pastry and so on. According to the different need of baked goods, electric oven temperature can be adjusted within 50-250 ℃.