Sausage Filling Machine Features

- Apr 04, 2018-

1. Adopt SUS304 quality food grade stainless steel material, reliable and durable, easy to clean, meet the food safety requirements.

2. The piston type hydraulic pressure drive, alignment after work pressure under the action of hydraulic cylinder, make the material after the pressure inside the cylinder material extrusion, suitable for a wider range of material, especially for a dry paste relative to other enema machine efficiency is better.

3. Reasonable overall structure, beautiful shape, stable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Manual enema machine applicable product group a: boiled sausage. Cooking sausage. Raw sausage. Mini sausage. Cooking ham. Cheese. Pasta. Soup powder and sauce etc. Parts have been improved, with more health. Easy to clean. Easy to operate and handle the new thinking of redesign; Small enema machine price is low, cost savings. Enemator filling sausages good-looking, suitable for all kinds of meat processing plant, all kinds of star, hotel, restaurant and cafe, canteen. Workshop. Market, such as electric pump sausage filler is family is the most ideal equipment, less consumption, low noise, to improve the quality of the product; Easy to clean, a new mechanical gear system, users can quickly remove the piston and easily refill quickly, easy to clean the 4 kinds of transparent enema tube, convenient adjustment and two stage gear shift;

Manual enema stainless steel drum, one-piece machine base, rugged and durable, double speed design, enema selection of different specifications of casing, can be processed with different sausage, ham; Electric filler are cheap, various types of ground cutting machine, is a multi-purpose, simple operation, stable quality, small enema machine has small volume, large capacity, compact structure, convenient washing, long service life, strictly in accordance with international health standard. The principle is that it will be fine. The coarse particle or mi materials through different diameter of the filling mouth filling in the casing, so as to produce sausages, sausages, black pudding, etc. Various kinds of meat food!

Manual enema machine adopts advanced technology research and use of pneumatic, photoelectric control principle, can be continuous automatic quantitative enema, the operation is simple, with speed, foot switch control system functions, safe and convenient operation; Enemator low prices the whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful shape, electric enema machine structure is compact and reasonable, airtight waterproof, easy to clean. Used to produce meat enema, pedal switch point move way or continuous enema, small sausage filler is equipped with three different types of loops, can be replaced according to the size of the casing.