Rice Steamer Cabinet Machine

- Sep 28, 2018-




1.Put the steamer in the designated location,and adjust it into balance.

2.Before using,the project film shall be removed,and check the energy are gas or LPG gas,and make sure the gas valve are lower pressure vavle,prohibition of use the middle pressure vavle supply the gas for the steamer.Before sparking,pls connect the water pipe at first,and use the LPG gas soft pipe connect with the steamer gas pipe which inside the steamer,then connect the pipe for inlet water(float valve)and the height of the water must more than the burner about 5 cm.

3.After open the door,put the rice or pasta into the trays,and then put the trays inside the cabinet.and lock the door.



4.When use the burn gas steamer the foods,first open the vavle of elcetrical spark light,and rotation the knob same as the cloclwise,after do this you will see the fire from the looking-fire-hole(after about 10 seconds,you could loose the knob.If insuccess,pls do same again.

5.About 10 mins,the steam generator will supply the steam,after steam about 25-50 mins.pls close the ignition Switch,and cut off the gas resource.

6.After stop heat about 15 mins,you could get out the foods.

7.When you after finish use the steamer,pls remember to close the water valve,and open the drain water valve,pls clean the water and dirty things,make sure clean and no water inside the evaporator.

 Thanks for reading.