Ice Cream Cone Making Equipment

- Nov 27, 2018-



Paste preparation: The egg tray is baked from the dough, and its quality directly affects the quality, taste and yield of the finished product. The noodle is made up of various ingredients and water. The main ingredients are as follows:
1. Flour: It is the main ingredient of the noodle. The quality of the flour is directly related to the quality of the egg tray. The high-quality fine powder should be used as the raw material.
2. Starch: used to improve the quality of the dough.
3. Vegetable oil: make the finished product crisp and easy to demould.

TB23JypgeuSBuNjSsziXXbq8pXa-2423789628[1]_副本_副本4. Baking powder: promote the fermentation of the surface, produce micropores, and be crisp and delicious when consumed.
In addition, according to the local flavor, appropriate addition of some spices such as sugar, milk, food coloring, etc. to increase the color, fragrance, taste of the product, to meet the taste requirements of different levels of consumption and different regions.

Before starting work every day, check whether the screws at each joint are loose, whether the mold clamping is accurate, whether the mold clamping is reliable, whether the cavity core is damaged or not, and the cooking oil is added to the moving part to facilitate lubrication and then power on. Let it rise in temperature.

D0Z`BIK%A6G6S}R}YL0DSFK_副本At the end of the work, first cut off the power. Open the membrane cavity, clean the residue, and then cool the mold. Clean the track, remove the sludge, and wipe the machine clean.
It is not necessary to spray the mold release oil every time for normal work. If there is a sticking mold, remove the residue and spray the oil film.