How To Build A Small Bakery Dreamwork (2)

- Sep 07, 2018-


This part is a introduction about Dough roller,Paste dividing equipment,Bread slicer and Dough moulder.

Dough roller


1. This dough rolling machine is especially suitable for making pizza.

2. Made of high quality stainless steel.

3. Food grade standard resin roller.

4. Roller thickness 0.7-5.4 mm.

5. The motor overload protection device makes sure the safety operation.

6.Roller covered by a transparent cover,easy to check the operation process


Paste dividing equipment


Performance characteristics:

1. Work is smooth, low noise, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, beautiful generous appearance

2. Whole body uses the food grade stainless steel parts and materials, strong and durable.

3. Compact structure, smooth operation, less wearing parts, long service life.

4. Small volume, cover an area of an area small, save space.

5. Can continuous production, high efficiency. Effectively improve the work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.

6. Easy disassembly and assembly machine, easy to clean.

7.High uniformity, high speed, good effect, saving time and effort, energy efficient, safety and health without pollution.


Dough moulder.



Performance characteristics:

1.Perfect for the degassing and shape repairing of bread  such as toast, hot-dog and French roll

2.Operating is simply switching "On-Off" push button  with only one person.

3. Unique design . lower noise, not easy to tear and wear ,enhance the service life of  machine.

4.Special material of pressure  rollers which prevents sticking  and difficult to scratch and damage.

5. High work speed , exhaust sufficiently, it can get the most length of the dough without bubble.

Bread slicer



It is the most popular, and economical product in the market, low failure, good slice effect, except the normal thickness, the thickness also could be customized.

machine character:

1.Made of baiting stainless steel, meet stripper plate, limit branch line, limit board, clean and health.

2.Imported slicer, sharper and durable, equal slicing power, section smooth, fast slicing speed, high efficiency.

3 .Table-type style, easy to operate, economical and practical.

4 .Thickness could be customized according to customers' demand.

To be continue.Thank you for reading.