High Quality Stainless Steel Food Mixer

- Aug 07, 2018-


Cakes and a cup of tea are a perfect teatime treat. And today, let’s learn something new how to Process a cake 

before making them with a food blender.


Operation and Notes


1. Before use,check that power supply corresponds to that required by the machine,check that the external earthing wire is reliably connected.

2. The machine which 3 phase motor must be checked that machine rotates in the direction indicated by the rotation mark. If the rotation direction is wrong,change the two of the three live-wires each other.

Note : For test of machine,mixing tools should never be installed otherwise they would fall out case of wrong rotation direction and cause damage to machine parts.


Select speed and agitator :

Dough arm : It is frequently used for heavy bread dough,the weight of lour indicated by the mark,the weight of water is 47%~50% of the fill flour,and preferable to be used at low speed.


Beater : It is commonly used for thin batters,cakes,and mashing potatoes,like stuffing,and preferable to be used at middle speed.


Wire whip : It is best for whipping cream and beating eggs,and preferable to be used at high speed.


Meat mincing : To mince meat,remove the agitator from the mixing shaft. Install the cutting group according to the sequence shown in Fig. Install the hand wheel so that it just presses on the discharge plate but not too tight.Remove skin,bone and tendon from the meat and cut the meat into slugs.Put the meat slugs into the trough and push them slowly into the machine. Be careful not to push them too fast,is preferably carried out at low or middle speed,do not meat mincing operation at high speed.


Bowl lift :

When mixing,rotate the hand wheel to raise the bowl until you feel it touch the stop,this also makes the bowl more accessible for filling.

After mixing,rotate the hand wheel to lower the bowl , it’s necessary to lower the bowl to change agitators.

Note : When assembling an agitator the bowl must be in the down position,slip the agitator up on the shaft and tum it until the driving pin in the shaft reaches the L-shaped slot in the agitator to be tall-en down in running.


That's it,come and make your own cake .Thank you for reading.