Happy Dragon Boat Festival Bring The Best Wishes In The World To You

- Jun 06, 2019-

The Dragon Boat Festival, which originated in China, was originally a festival in which the ancient ancestors chose the "Longshengtian" Jiri Festival to worship the dragon ancestors.


Dragon Boat Festival is an important activity of the Dragon Boat Festival. When people worship the Dragon God, the atmosphere is very serious. They pray for blessings, good weather, evil spirits, disasters, and everything.


In the traditional festivals, the folk custom is complicated and complex, or only the Dragon Boat Festival energy saving and the Spring Festival are comparable, and there are ritual customs such as blessing and disaster relief, which cherish the good wishes of people to welcome the good fortune and to ward off evil.




The Dragon Boat Rice that the company participated in every year is also very lively, praying that everything will be better in this year.