Good Quality Commercial Freezer-Craftsman Spirit Injects Soul

- Dec 21, 2018-


Reasonable use of freezer matters:
1. The package must be unloaded before use;
2. After using the product for the first time or not using it for a long time, please run the empty cabinet for two hours before putting the food;
3. Please remove the power plug before moving the freezer;
4. Hot food should be placed in the freezer after cooling.
5. Do not directly touch the food in the freezer. A certain distance of not less than 3cm should be reserved, and a certain gap should be reserved between food and food to facilitate the circulation of cold air.


6. Bottled or filled liquid food should not be placed in the freezer.
7. Raw food and cooked food should be stored in separate rooms.
8. Reduce the number of door opening and shorten the time when the door is open, so as not to affect the cooling effect.
9. The evaporator is equipped with an evaporator on the inner wall. When the compressor is running, especially when the compressor is just turned on, do not touch the inner wall directly with the body to avoid frostbite.
10. The maintenance of the freezer must be carried out by a professional. Repairs to the circuit must be performed by a qualified electrician. The circuit must be checked for safety before returning to service.

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