Gas Fryer For Making Delicious Snacks

- Oct 09, 2018-




Gas fryer is the company designed and manufactured the perfect type gas range stove.The product absorbing the advantages of domestic and foreign similar product design is made with fashionable,reasonable structure,convenient operation,temperature control,easy to maintain,no body burnt smell fried food,all kinds of fried food dedicated device.For supermarkets,hotels,canteens,fast food restaurants use.







Before installation in the equipment installed outside the gas pipeline can quickly cut off the gas supply valve,and must be placed near the machine can easily touch the upstream location.For maintenance and timely accident cut off air supply.Furnace on the lower back position with hose connector,the connection hose specifications for the internal diameter of about 9 or so,after the hose fitted with a hose clamps tight and you can,or hose fittings removed direct and DN15 pipe connection.After trcheal road connections,interfaces with soap bubble leak test.machine required 10%,need to install a regulator to ensure the rated pressure.

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