Gaint Baking Equipment-Tunnel Conveyor Oven

- Nov 13, 2018-


Baking range: suitable for baking moon cakes, toast, various breads, meal bags, big rib burgers, crispy cakes
,a variety of snacks, egg yolk pie, biscuits, etc., and can be used in other dry occasions.

Baking features: streamlined baking, large amount, saving time and effort, consistent color, moisturizing effect and good taste.



Electrical performance: The electrical originals are preferred to adopt the top four brands of international industrial control: Schneider, Siemens, Oulong,Originals such as Taiwan Delta ensure the durability and stability of the product; there are two control methods:Industrial control (general electrical control); program control (intelligent human machine (PLC) decoupling control (special order)
Handling method: crane handling, forklift handling. Note that this equipment is a heavy machinery and cannot be moved.Relying on the manual movement, loading and unloading of this equipment.Be careful to prevent personal injury caused by falling too heavy machinery.



Installation requirements: It is required that the control box side of the tunnel furnace must have a space of more than 1.8 meters, and no debris can be piled up.
In order to repair, the burning rod (electric heating tube) can have space to be extracted from the furnace body, and the fresh air is convected smoothly to ensure combustion.
The rod is fully burned; in addition, the tunnel furnace must be installed in a relatively dry;well ventilated work room with an exhaust fan;the top of the smoke.
Extend to the outside to ensure that the exhaust gas will not accumulate in the work room, and the outdoor end smoke pipe must be installed with anti-winding device to prevent the strong wind reversal from affecting normal work.


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