Gadali Meat Grinder

- Nov 25, 2018-



Use and Maintenance

  • Please check the power before plug the unit into a receptacle in order to ensure the voltage is compliant with the requirements written on the nameplate.The voltage is allowed a tolerance ±10% to the rated value,or a transformer is recommended to provide a available voltage.绞肉机2

  • Please clean the Meat twisted tank and remove the dust and locked the belt with locking handle tightly before use.It is necessary for you to rotate the front nut to a proper position to keep the machine running smoothly and working well.


  • Meat to be processed must to be removed the bone,skin and rib,cut into strip or little pieces.

  • Turn on the machine for several mintue and let it run stably,then cast the meat into the access with the plastic bar included,In order to ensure your safety and avoid risk,shock or injury may happen to you,be sure never to throw the meat by hands directly.




    • Trouble shooting and solutions:

      If the output of the meat is too small or the meat become aleuronic,please check the machine though the following instruction:

    1. The front nut is too loose,Please rotate the front nut a little tighter.

    2. The Pore plate is blocked.Please open up.

    3. The blade become blunt,please change it.

    4. Keep the appliance clean,please wash the components after use.

    Thanks for reading.