- Sep 19, 2018-


Vaccum packaging machine has excellent features,easy maintenance,simple operation,wide application and so on.Apply to the composite film or plastic composite film and other flexible packaging materials.It can pack soild,liquid,powder mushy food,food,fruit,aromatic seeds,drugs,chemical products,electrical products,precision instruments products,rare and precious metalsand other items.The packaged product can prevent oxidation,mildew,insects,rotting,damp,prolong the storage period.  

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The machine is easy to use. It is fully automatic process control:pressure the vaccum lid,vaccum or after filling evacuation gas(optional),heat sealing,label printing,cooling,vaccum deflated and cover open.

Sealing temperature can be controlled by the adjustment time,and suit for different materials of bags.

Emergency stop button is on the control  panel,such as find abnormal situation process,press the emergency stop to interrupt the packaging process.


Put the bag into the vaccum chamber,pressure the vaccum chamber lid,start the machine,run the vaccum pump,a sealed vaccum space is formed.After vaccum is complete.if have the inflatable function,inflating the vaccum chamber firstly.Then use the different of hte vaccum chamber and the outside atmospheric pressure,the ballon drives heated sealing plate against the spring force to drop,pinch sealing bag fitted electric hor plate flat,coupled with the low voltage and high current electric make heating wire hot,sealing the bag,then cooled,the vaccum packaging process is completed.