Double Specifications Meat Slicer

- Dec 15, 2018-


The main part of the meat cutting method:
Remove the knife comb first.
Then remove the waterproof cover, loosen the clutch fork bolts and remove the two copper slides and belts; loosen one of the cutter row fastening bolts on both sides of the bearing seat. When the bearing seat is lifted up, the cutter row can be removed together with the pulley, gear and ball bearing.


Reload: Place the installed cutter row and pulley, gear and ball bearing in the original seat in the lower seat of the bearing seat, cover the upper seat of the bearing shaft, tighten the bolts on the top of the knife row, and make the two-knife row with special tools. Hold the blade tightly and tighten the bolts.
Replace the pulley, waterproof cover, and finally put the knife comb. Pay attention to make the knife tip and the outer edge of the blade septum in the knife row close to each other. Otherwise, the meat will increase when cutting meat, which will affect the meat cutting effect.
When cutting meat:
The pieces of meat stick together. It may be that the two-blade cutting edge is not close enough and should be adjusted.
The pieces of meat and pork are wound on the shaft of the knife. The reason may be that the knife tip and the blade in the blade row have a gap in the outer circumference of the blade and are not tightly closed, and should be adjusted.

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