Disinfection And Cleaning Of Soft Ice Cream Machine

- Apr 04, 2018-

Mechanisms using ice cream ice cream method is very simple, as long as the ice cream machine on machine indicated on the nameplate rated voltage and current of power supply, you can use the ice cream machine, new buying ice cream machine first, want to undertake disinfection cleaning, disinfection is the purpose of cleaning in order to guarantee to produce ice cream meet health requirements, therefore disinfection cleaning is required and necessary.

The cleaning of the ice cream machine takes place in two parts.

The first part of the ice cream mixer is stirred by the stirring and cleaning.

Will be fixed in front of the machine allocation under the four nuts on the valve body twist, remove the distribution of the body, remove frozen cylinder of the stirring shaft, use of 1:50 84 disinfectant immerses 10-15 minutes, use a disinfectant rag wipe again, will be frozen cylinder cleaning after use clean cloth to wipe it again, and will be reinstalled stirring shaft and the distribution of the body, the structure of the ice cream machine and each place name please see ice cream machine instruction on the structure of the graphic. When the previous distribution body is removed, you can see the mixing shaft inside (two circles white in the picture).

The second part of the ice cream machine storage tank cleaning.

Ice cream machine, after turning on the power supply will have a detergent and food washing liquid, water into ice cream machine, with cloth around the store manger to wipe clean, press the ice cream machine before the marked clean on the operation panel of buttons. Machine mixing system startup, about 1 minute or so, will pick out the detergent or liquid detergent in the machine, and pour into a clean clear water cleaning, until after the water without any smell, downtime (press stop button). With dry cleaning cloth, the ice cream machine can be wiped clean around the tank, so that the ice cream machine can be disinfected and cleaned, and then the ice cream can be made.

The first part of the cleaning work about 3 days or so. The second part needs to be done every day.


Some ice cream machine with precooling function, the function of this function is to keep the temperature in the storage tank at about 5-10 degrees, starting to keep fresh. In practice, some businesses claim that their ice cream machines don't have to be cleaned, which is actually misleading. We know that ice cream ingredients are mainly dairy products and dairy products are very vulnerable to the destruction of the bacteria and fast corruption, especially in hot summer, if night don't clean the machine, the second day of the ice cream of bacteria is sure to exceed bid. Once you have a problem with the consumer, it's not worth it. To remind the general merchants pay attention to the health problems in the process of daily operation, be sure to guarantee the health and safety, and in the evening not not clean the ice cream machine is another problem back to liquid slurry stratification, the next day when making production to produce ice cream taste very bad, because the water in the ice cream material of natural precipitation, some ingredients in some raw materials will reflect with metal ions caused by material liquid.