Commercial 130L Dough Mixer

- Jun 22, 2018-

This dough mixer adopts microcomputer intelligent control, easy to be operated, convenient and fast, with timer for setting fast speed time and slow speed time. It can be set accurately, with good stability, high efficiency, low power consumption and low noise.

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This is a professional dough mixer. Double speed can be set, low or fast, can be set as customers’ request. Its bowl is large enough, can mix 130L dough in one time. Because the mixer and bowl can revolve simultaneously, it can greatly increasing mixing speed and improving the effect.

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Best-quality-automatic-bread-dough-mixer-used (7).jpg

Besides, all its spare parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel. People can use it confidently.

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It has a emergency stop system. On the dough mixer, we can see that it has a safe cover. Before the dough mixer work, you must close the cover, because when cover open, dough mixer will not work. It can protect the user.


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