2018 Hot Sale Meat Slicing Machine

- Aug 03, 2018-


  Hot pot is famous and favorite dish in the world.People can gather around a mall pot 

boiled with charcoal,electric or gas filled with flavorful and nutritious soup base.

  The thin sliced raw variety meat is  people's faves.Now let me introduce how to make 

sliced meat with slicing machine.




  1.Plug the machine,turn on the Blade Power Switch to check if the blade works well.

  2.Switch the Power Switch on and let the machine work about 1-2 minutes look if the machine is working well.Switch off the machine Power & Blade Power when the Carriage arrives at the most left position(local of Oil Filler Hole ),when the machine is not working,insert the configured oilers into the Oil Filler Hole and fill in the engine oil(Fill in the lower temperature is below 0 degree).



  3. Apply some edible oil on the Pusher Axle to ensure a smooth slipping of Push Plate.Pull the Push Plate to get a good oil distribution.

  4. Power on the machine,let the Carriage move to the left Plate and stop the machine,pull the Push Plate uppermost and rotate clockwise 90 degrees to place it into the Pusher Supp,pull Fixing Shafts to the Fixing shaft supp,place the meat on the Carriage,hold the meat by the Fixing Shaft & tighten the Fixing Shaft Locking Knob, pull and rotate the Push Plate anticlockwise and put it on the meat.


  5. Adjust the Thickness Knob to the required slicing thickness(Note: the maximum thickness is 3mm).Rotate the Fixing Localizer Knob clockwise, make the fixing Localizer Knob get in touch the Plate,tighten the Fixing Localizer screw.

  6. Switch on the Blade motor power to rotate the Blade,then start the Power Switch to left the Carriage move back and forth,the machine starts to work.

  7. When finish the work, adjust the Thickness Knob anticlockwise to ”0” position,ensure no gap between Back Plate and Blade.Turn off the power switch,unplug the machine.

  8. Before first using of machine,clean the rust-proof oil on the oil parts contacting with food and clean the machine.



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