Troubleshooting the oven

- Apr 04, 2018-

Problem one, industrial oven temperature does not drop.


1. The electric heat contactor of the industrial oven shall be burnt and killed by the contact of the electric heater. The electric power supply shall not be disconnected and the contactor shall be replaced.

2. The thermometer of industrial oven is damaged and should be replaced.

3. The temperature line of industrial oven is damaged and should be replaced.

Problem two, industrial oven has no wind or wind is very small.


1. Check whether the wind impeller of the industrial oven is reversed. If the reversal should be reversed, the power line should be exchanged at any two lines.

2. Remove the industrial oven wind impeller. Open the oven door, remove the top wind impeller cover plate, re-install the wind impeller, tighten the screws, and cover the cover plate.

3. The air supply motor does not turn, check whether the power supply is missing, and the missing phase should be immediately turned off to check the power cord, or the motor is burnt out, and the motor should be replaced.

Problem three, industrial oven temperature is not long.


1. If the heating pipe of industrial oven is damaged, it should be broken off to the right side of the oven to replace the heat pipe and replace the heat pipe.

2. The heating tube of the industrial oven should be rewired if the power line of the heating tube is broken or not in contact.