Multifunctional food mixer use method

- Apr 04, 2018-

1. Select the blade: when processing food, please choose the tool to match the food to achieve the best use effect. To crush rice, soybean, jujube and other dried fruits, the "-" type blade should be used. Stir up the vegetables, fruit, shaved ice and processed soybean milk. Please use the "+" type blade.

2. Select cup: choose the cup that matches the amount of food processed. Use small cups for grinding. Processing soybean milk, please choose soybean milk cup.

3. Add the processed food to the selected cup, then combine it with the tool holder plate and tighten it completely.

4. When processing soybean milk, first twist the "+ word" blade at the bottom of the soybean milk cup, then put the mesh cover into the cup and cover it with a large lid. Add the soaked soybeans from the center cover and cover the transparent lid.

Switch on the power.

6. Put the cup with good food on the main machine and turn it hard. The host will start to drive the blade. When working continuously, hold the cup and turn the switch in a clockwise direction.

7. When the food is processed, the reverse operation of the starting method will rotate anticlockwise, and the cup will pop up.